NZ Musician magazine's review of Grooves Unspoken

Peter Mechen's review of Grooves Unspoken - the Wellington album release show


"I enjoyed performing and recording Yvette Audain's Eulogy for narrator and orchestra very much. Such a warmth of texture and harmonies which created a sympathetic palette for Olivia Macassey's word painting." -

Kenneth Young, conductor, APO Graduate Composers' Workshop 2010/2011

"Yvette's music always has a freshness of her own, often a quirky sense of humour, and an artistic freedom, especially in the more Eastern-style pieces I've heard or played in other Auckland performances, such as APO composition workshops, APO commissioned arrangements for youth concerts, 175 East, APO's Remix, APOPS ensemble concerts, and the Clocktower Concerts of The Committee." 

Katherine Hebley, cellist, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and 175 East 

"Just a brief note to tell you how much I admire your reading of Petite Fleur, which I saw recently on YouTube. As you hardly need me to tell you, your security of technique throughout the instrument's range is most impressive. Your reading of Fleur, as I experienced it, blends the repressed freedom that I find inherent in the music (a sort of yearning for freedom, if you will) which you underscored by adding, in my estimation, just the perfect amount of "bite" and wail in the tone where appropriate. Such was my experience hearing and seeing you play Petite Fleur, and I merely want you to know how much I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Jim Drake, having found this on YouTube

"Soprano Sax. Exposed solo lines in the upper register. This was a bastard to play, but awesome."

Damon Key, saxophonist; co-performer with Yvette  in the premiere of her saxophone quartet no. 1, 'bulletproof petals'

Feedback from Yvette's students, past and present

"I really enjoyed my experience learning music with Yvette. She is patient, persevering and always willing to go the extra mile to encourage the best out of her students."

"Yvette's passion for all types of music show through in her teaching... I loved the way she could easily change pace to suit my learning and comfort... She allowed me to focus on the styles I loved, yet challenged me to progress as a musician and step out of my comfort zones. She is extremely approachable, making it easy to ask questions and really enjoy every session."

"As a teacher Yvette always tries to fit her style into the needs of the individual student; although I only was taught by her in a class, I never felt 'glossed over' or treated as part of the herd."

"Personally, Yvette always made attending music lessons a genuine highlight of the week. Her passion for music and her attention and pride in her teaching not only make her a great tutor but a musical role-model to her students."

"Yvette always took the time to tailor her lessons and teaching towards both my own interests and my improvement as both a musician and a performer. She makes her students feel very much at ease ... Yvette is exceptionally passionate and hard-working and very much an inspiration to her students."